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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you can't locate the particular type of calling card you're looking for at a local retailer, you might want to buy it online. The Internet provides access to thousands of retailers, which should make it relatively easy for you to locate your preferred card. However, just as the size of the Internet provides a vast array of choices, the anonymity of the Internet attracts a great many scam artists. Some of these scam artists take advantage of consumers by selling them stolen, inactive, or bootleg calling cards, making it necessary for you to be careful about who you purchase calling cards from.

Another problem might arise when dealing with unreliable calling card providers, many of which flourish on the net. Unreliable providers are not out to intentionally steal your money, as the scam artists are, but that doesn't make them any more pleasant to deal with. Some organizations have sold numerous phone cards for access to discounted long distance time, only to wind up unable to provide the access. Other providers may be severely lax when it comes to providing customer support. Some calling card retailers are so inefficient when it comes to rates, charges, and billing, that your card might run out of prepaid time almost immediately after activation, in spite of use. A good way to avoid dealing with an unreliable calling card service provider is to research the company online. Newsgroups and consumer advocacy sites often provide information and warnings about such unreliable companies.

Buying Cards Online

Most calling cards have an expiration date, meaning the card is programmed to become inactive after a specified date. Once a card expires, it can no longer be used for long distance access, no matter how much prepaid time was remaining. When you purchase a calling card from a retailer in person, you can easily view the expiration date and insure that it will suit your needs. However, if the card is sold through an online store, the expiration date might not be readily available. It's a good idea to contact the supplier about expiration dates before purchasing any cards online. You don't want to receive a large prepaid card in the mail only to find out you have one day left to use all of the minutes.

In addition to the card manufacturer and service provider, you should also research the integrity of the site that you're purchasing the cards from. A site might just be a reseller, distributing phone cards associated with a well known, reliable service provider. However, just because a reseller carries quality goods, it does not insure that the quality of service will be good too. Research the online reseller just as you would the service provider. An unreliable reseller might take an excessively long time in shipping your card or emailing you the PIN. A shady reseller might also push soon-to-be-expired cards without your knowledge, or provide misleading information about the rates and charges associated with a card.

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