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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you want to buy international calling cards, you have many options in front of you. International calling cards are available from numerous retail outlets, as well as convenience stores, markets, and specialty shops. In addition to traditional stores, you can also buy these cards online from a wide variety of sources. Some online calling card stores don't even deal with physical cards, and instead issue a toll-free access number and personal identification number (PIN) directly to your email upon payment. This allows you to immediately start making calls using your prepaid account, without having to wait for the actual card to arrive.

If you buy international calling cards from a retailer, such as a convenience store or a supermarket, you can determine which card is best for you by reading the information on the packaging and on the cards themselves. For example, some international calling cards that are designed to be used when making calls from another country, can only be used when calling from specific locations in that country. This is because the long distance time on the card was sold by a large telecommunications company to a number of small, local phone service providers, who then resell the time to the public via prepaid phone cards. As a result, the territory is often divided between the smaller companies, meaning a particular calling card is only compatible with the service of the company that issued it. While this may be good for competitive long distance rates, it can be a nuisance if the card you purchased to use during your vacation abroad proves to be useless when calling from certain areas. Before choosing a card, read the fine print on the packaging in order to determine if there are any such limitations.

Before You Buy International Calling Cards

When you buy international calling cards, make sure to do so only from a reliable service provider with a decent reputation. Although some cards may promise extremely low rates, no extra charges, and extended service, they may simply be fraudulent companies, selling unreliable cards. Such companies quickly develop a terrible reputation, and an Internet search for the name of an international calling card's distributor can often turn up any dirt that might be out there. People often voice their displeasure with a calling card company via online bulletin boards and newsgroups. One of the best sources for a researching a provider's reputation is Google Groups, which contains thousands of postings from unsatisfied international calling card customers.

You might also want to consider a few other factors about a card before you purchase. These might include learning the length of time when the card is valid (most calling cards expire after a certain amount of time). Some cards feature lower rates, but charge a one time connection fee, if you plan on using the card to make only one or two calls that use all of the prepaid minutes, this might be the right kind of international calling card for you. If you're going to be making many calls, a non-connection charge card, even though it may have higher international rates, would ultimately be your most cost efficient option.

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