Call Computer To Phone

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you're looking for an alternative to the costs of monthly-billed phone service, you can now make local and long distance calls from your computer directly to a phone. Not only can you begin making computer to phone calls quickly and easily, but the service itself is extremely inexpensive, and in a lot of cases it's even free. When you call computer to phone, you use your computer's soundcard, a microphone, and telecommunications software to route a phone call to its destination via an Internet connection.

Although slower connections may still be able to process computer-to-phone calls, the connection is usually too tenuous and problematic to serve as anything other than a novelty. However, hi-speed Internet connections can now allow you to call a phone from your computer with virtually no difference from a traditional phone call. Computer-to-phone software provides a visual interface on your monitor from which you can dial any phone number. A microphone attached to your sound card records your voice, converts it into digital information packets, and transmits it over the Internet, allowing you to converse in real time. When your computer receives a voice from the other end of the call, it processes it through the sound card and then transmits it through your system speakers or headphones.

Call Computer to Phone for Free

In the past, telephone calls made from a computer could only be received by other computers that were online at the time the call was placed. In addition, the other computer had to be running the same telephone software, which severely limited the number of people you could call from your computer. Thanks to the advent of hi-speed Internet services and breakthroughs in digital communications technology, your computer is now only the starting point for a phone call, and can use the Internet to transmit the call to any existing landline telephone.

Because the process is so new it has yet to be regulated, allowing for free and inexpensive communication. Many software packages that allow you to call computer-to-phone are distributed for free. Calls using these systems are usually free as well. However, most of the totally-free computer-to-phone systems are not always reliable, and many regularly experience glitches and disconnections. Another problem with freeware-based programs is the overall sound quality tends to be poor. A few of the more reliable, high-quality computer-to-phone services charge a small subscription fee. Fee-based services are usually better tested and more efficient than their free counterparts. The cost of subscribing to one of these services is usually affordable, and can range from a monthly fee of under $20, to a one time activation fee of under $100. Although these providers may charge for their services, the costs cover unlimited calls, as opposed to traditional home long distance lines, in which every minute of every call is tallied and added onto the overall bill.

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