Calling Card Rates

Written by Sierra Rein
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You may be confused right now regarding all the different calling card rates in existence right now. To be sure, there are a lot of different rate charts to consider and many different companies to choose from. However, with the following information, you should be able to narrow and focus your attention on the rates that will prove the best for you and your family or your company.

First of all, there are business calling card rates and there are personal card rates. This is because companies typically have higher call volumes per day than the average household. Be sure to differentiate this, and note the difference between local and long distance rates, before going ahead with any one company.

Secondly, some calling card rates look low but come attached to a monthly fee. While some of these monthly fees are reasonable, others are extremely high and can lead to ridiculously high phone bills as a result. Be sure and note all the different fees that come with any particular plan and move on if the fees do not factor into savings.

The Best Calling Card Rates Are Free

Of course, being handed free minutes towards a calling card is the best solution for saving money. The great news is that you can get free calling card rates by signing up with a website that provides no-cost calling card minutes just for becoming involved in online discount opportunities. As a member, you will collect minutes towards your card by purchasing gifts and business supplies through affiliated websites, filling out surveys and getting your friends and family to sign up as well.

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