Calling Cards To Cuba

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Getting in touch with loved ones in Cuba can be a hassle if you're using your home-based long distance service. Most long distance services advertise highly economical rates, but only offer those rates at specific times. Nights and weekends are usually the designated time when customers can place calls at affordable rates. The rest of the time, long distance fees can be extremely high, making it inconvenient for you to make calls to Cuba when you want to. Cell phones also have the same problem, and also might include excessive roaming charges and overages. When it comes to finding a simple, affordable, easily accessible method for making these calls, calling cards to Cuba might be your best choice.

You can purchase cards to Cuba in many convenience stores and other retail outlets. While international calling cards, capable of reaching Cuba, are readily available everywhere, cards configured specifically for Cuba might be a little harder to find. If you can't locate any at a Cuban-American market or specialty store, you might want to consult the Internet. There are numerous sites that now furnish calling cards to Cuba.

Cards made specifically to call Cuba usually differ from other international cards, in that they provide a special lower rate when used to call a particular region. In order to support such low rates, these cards usually charge higher rates when used to call all other areas. If you don't plan on using your calling card exclusively to call Cuba, you should consider a card with broad international calling capabilities.

Choosing Calling Cards To Cuba

When you purchase a Cuban calling card, always make sure that it can suit your needs. If you will primarily be using the card for long conversations, consider a card that charges a connection fee. These cards charge a one-time fee for every call place, in addition to the card's regular international rates. However, thanks to the one-time fee, the card is able to offer cheaper rates. If you will be using most of the prepaid time on your card within one or two calls, then a connection fee based card can save you money. However, if you make several calls with the card, the accumulated connection fees will quickly overshadow any saving from the low rates.

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