Calling Cards To Jordan

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you're traveling in Jordan and plan on making any phone calls, you should familiarize yourself with some of the best methods for using prepaid cards for making calls to Jordan. If you're visiting Jordan from abroad, chances are good that your existing cell phone service might not be adequate for placing calls in the region. Even if your cell is still receiving service, the roaming charges are likely to be astronomical. Therefore, you would benefit by seeking out some of the alternative methods for making calls in the area. One of the most popular among these methods is the use of prepaid calling cards.

Jordan differs from several other countries when it comes to how prepaid calling cards are employed. While prepaid calling cards can traditionally be used to access long distance service from any phone with basic service, they often add an additional connection fee for every call placed. This fee is especially high when calls are placed from a payphone. Although there have been experiments with card-activated payphones throughout Europe and America, those phones require a rechargeable, prepaid card designed especially for that phone. In other words, most of the existing card operated payphones used a card that could only be used from a payphone, and provided no access number or PIN that could allow the card to be used from other types of phones.

Payphone Calling Cards To Jordan

Many of the payphones throughout Jordan are equipped with a card reader that allows you to identify your prepaid calling by sliding its magnetic strip through a slot on the phone. These phones are configured to accept prepaid calling cards from several of the biggest card providers in Jordan, and automatically access the prepaid account without requiring the pin or access number. This differs from the Western version of these phones, which can only accept a prepaid card made by the same manufacturer of the phone. In contrast to other regions, where calling cards add large connection fees when used to place calls from a payphone, Jordan calling cards place calls from payphones at no additional cost, and often at better rates than the card normally offers.

If you still don't feel like taking advantage of payphones while in Jordan, you might consider buying a new cell phone while there. Prepaid cell phones, which can be recharged via more prepaid calling cards, are very popular in Jordan. They can provide you with cell phone service when you're out of contact with your own provider, and are usually much more affordable than traditional cell phones.

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