Cambodia Phone Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Cambodia phone cards can help you place international calls to Cambodia without having to deal with the high and inconsistent rates that you might experience when dealing with a home-based long distance supplier. In fact, with these cards you can place reasonably priced international calls without having to worry about a phone bill at all. If you have access to a phone capable of placing local calls, then you can take advantage of the convenience and low rates offered by Cambodia phone cards.

Cambodia phone cards allow you to access long distance and international service via a prepaid debit account. When you buy a prepaid international phone card, the cost of that card is equivalent to the value of a specific duration of international calling time. After dialing a toll free access number printed on the card, you can enter a unique user identification code, also included with the card. Once this code is entered, you can place international calls to Cambodia. The cost of these calls is deducted from the total value of the virtual debit account linked to the card's user identification code. For example, if you purchase a phone card for $20, the card allows you to access $20 worth of long distance service after entering your code. The amount of service this pays for can vary, but the rates are usually specified on the card or its packaging.

Unique Features of Cambodia Phone Cards

While the prepaid calling cards associated with various countries are generally similar, Cambodia cards contain some unique functions. Cell phones are not as popular in Cambodia as they are in other parts of Asia, and as a result, it can be difficult for people to stay in touch with each other. Several Cambodian companies have introduced card-operated public payphones, which have become widely popular. In addition to providing basic payphone services, these new devices also allow Cambodians to send and receive voicemail. The phones create virtual voicemail accounts for all card users, which they can then access from any card enabled public phone. The companies behind these phones also market prepaid calling cards in America. As a result, many of the Cambodia calling cards sold in other countries are also capable of accessing these accounts. This provides a convenient way for Cambodians who are traveling abroad to stay in touch with their voicemail messages.

While there are many international phone cards on the market, prepaid cards specifically configured to call Cambodia often offer better international rates than their more broadly based counterparts. However, if discount Cambodia cards are used to call other regions, the rates are often considerably higher. If you're planning on using your calling card to call other locations, in addition to Cambodia, then a general "international" prepaid card is probably your best choice.

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