Caribbean Calling Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you're planning a Caribbean cruise, or any other trip to the islands, you will want to become familiar with Caribbean calling cards. These cards help you place cost-effective international calls from the Caribbean to anywhere else in the world, making them perfect for keeping tabs on everything back home while you're on vacation. Cell phone rates and roaming charges are often extremely high when placing calls from the Caribbean islands, making calling cards all the more attractive. Although prepaid calling cards are generally easy to use, placing calls from the Caribbean entails a few minor differences compared to most other locations.

If you're not already familiar with prepaid calling cards, they can best be described as a way for you to access affordable long distance and international service from any phone. Because the cards are prepaid, all charges associated with a call are deducted from a virtual debit account created when the card is purchased. For example, if a card costs $10, it can be used to make 410 units' worth of calls, at rates usually specified on the card. Many users find this system convenient, as it eliminates a monthly phone bill. Caribbean phone cards also allow you to impose a strict budget on the amount of money you want to spend calling the Caribbean, as the cards cannot place any more calls than are initially covered by the cost. This can prevent you from unintentionally running up large long distance bills.

Varying Access Numbers for Caribbean Calling Cards

If you're going to be using your Caribbean calling card while island hopping from one location to the next, you might require some pre-trip preparation. Although the islands may be close in proximity, many individual islands require their own access number be used in order to get the most favorable rates. Although toll-free access numbers are usually printed directly on prepaid calling cards, a quick call to the customer service number provided by the card manufacturer (also printed on the card), can let you know if there are additional access numbers necessary and available for use when placing calls from the Caribbean. In addition, you might want to research the most popular brands of cards used in the particular areas you will be staying. This is because some types of Caribbean calling cards are not compatible with certain areas, due to territorial conflicts between small service providers.

Caribbean calling cards can usually be recharged using a credit card. This is can be done either online, or by phone. Many calling card manufacturers offer bonuses for recharging your card, which can usually amount to several units of free calling time for every bundle of minutes you purchase. However, because of the varying access numbers you might encounter in the islands, you might find it useful to initially purchase several different types of cars with lower values. That way you can provide yourself with options, depending on which services can be accessed from which locations.

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