Cell Phone Calling Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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The sales of cell phone calling cards have been on the rise in the last few years. Cell phones are becoming more and more popular and have surpassed LAN lines as the major mode of communication for many people and their families. However, although cell phones are extremely liberating, they can also be quite costly in the long run.

While their technology is getting better, cell phones are still rated high when it comes to making phone calls. This is especially true when making long distance or international calls. It is better to use the cell phone as a conduit towards a calling card rather than wasting more money by making the call through the cell phone company.

Cell phone calling cards are used like any other calling cards. A toll free or local number is dialed, followed by a personal identification number (PIN) that is connected to the specific card in question. Each minute used through this PIN is deducted from the card until all the minutes are up, or until more minutes are added later.

Choosing Between Cell Phone Calling Cards

Because not every card is created equal, it is important to do a little research before choosing one calling card company over another. Be sure and ask about maintenance fees (commonly associated with long-term calling cards), specific cell phone rates (when calling to a cell phone as opposed to a regular line), local and toll-free access numbers (especially when using your cell phone while roaming), and whether or not the company provides low-cost long distance and international rates on its cell phone calling cards. Also, ask each card company if it has any opportunities to purchase discount rates in bulk, or if they offer free minutes as part of an online exchange rate program.

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