Cell Phone Calling Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Cell phone calling cards enable you to obtain prepaid wireless service on a "pay as you go" basis, with no credit check, and no contract. This allows you to easily make prepaid long distance and international calls from a cell phone, without having to worry about running up a bill that exceeds your budget. Once you have used all of your prepaid cell phone calling time, you can purchase additional cell phone calling cards in order to add more time to your account as you need it. Although the long distance rates of cell phones that use calling cards may not be as economical as monthly-billed cell phones, they can be beneficial for several situations.

Billed cell phones charge a certain price for basic monthly service, which often includes a prepaid number of minutes. Once a user exceeds the minutes that are billed to his account each month, he can still place calls on the cell phone, which are then added to his monthly bill. Calls that exceed the customer's allotted minutes are usually more expensive than prior calls on the bill. Even though you are charged for a specific amount of time each month, prior to running up any additional costs, that preselected time disappears at the end of the month, and the process starts again. This means that, if you don't use your cell phone too often, you actually wind up paying for more calls than you actually make.

Benefits Of Cell Phone Calling Cards

If you own a cell phone that is only intended for limited use, cell phone calling cards might be a better alternative to monthly-billed services. The calling cards allow you to purchase a specific amount of time for your cell phone, to be debited to your virtual account as you make calls. The prepaid time stays on the phone, no matter how much time passes, and does not disappear at the end of the month as it does with billed cell phone systems. Perhaps you keep an extra cell phone in your glove compartment to be used in emergencies. You might also only use your cell phone for a handful of long distance calls a month, using your landline for all local service. In cases such as these you may find that the low-maintenance and high reliability of prepaid cell phones is convenient for your needs.

Certain cell phones will need to be updated in order to place international calls using a calling card. You can alleviate this problem by trading in your phone for a newer model, renting a phone for your travels or purchasing a temporary cell phone with a calling card enabled SIM chip to enable calling card usage. If you do a lot of international travel, you can usually purchase a card that lets you keep the same phone number from region to region, as opposed to several cards needed to make a call in each region, which had been the standard route until recently. This kind of cell phone calling card requires the purchase of a SIM chip. The card would then allow you to use one cell phone number with service in up to 70 countries, with no monthly subscription required.

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