Cheap International Phone Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Cheap international phone cards are an easy-to-use, cost efficient alternative to traditional long distance and international phone services. These cards allow you quick access to long distance service without any of the complications or fees that might accompany a traditional billed long distance account. If you have the use of a phone equipped with at least basic service, you can use cheap international phone cards instantly. Because international phone cards are prepaid, you never have to worry about winding up with an impossibly high phone bill at the end of a month. This is just one of the advantages of phone cards over billed services.

Rather than bill you for all of the time and services used each month, cheap international phone cards allow you to preselect exactly how much you want to spend on your phone bill, and then stick to it. This is because cheap international phone cards provide you with prepaid access to long distance and international services, which eliminates the necessity of a monthly bill. Long distance bills, especially when international calls are involved, can be unpredictably costly. When you prepay for your long distance time and services with cheap international phone cards, your money is automatically added to a virtual debit account, from which all of your long distance and international costs are deducted as you incur them. When the prepaid time runs out, your card cannot get you in debt by allowing additional credit-based calls to be made, as can happen with many international long distance providers.

Uses Of Cheap International Phone Cards

Cheap international phone cards can serve several purposes, and you can probably find specific types of cards to correspond to each particular use. One type of card may provide the best rates when used to place international calls to the same location. These cards are suited to people who want an affordable way to stay in touch with friends or family in a foreign country. Other cards provide the best rates when used to place a call from a particular overseas region to other areas in that region. These cards might be useful to travelers or international students in need of a quick, cheap way to place phone calls in another country.

Other types of cheap international phone cards might provide equally affordable rates when used to call any number of countries from the United States. These might be of particular benefit to customers involved in international business. These customers may appreciate the convenience of using the same card to speak with contacts in various countries. Depending on the size of your business, these types of cards can save you a significant amount of money by rationing and regulating the total cost of the long distance bill.

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