Cheap Long Distance Rates

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Cheap long distance rates are easy to access through the use of a prepaid calling card. Your card's activation enables your cheap long distance rates immediately in most cases, allowing you to make long distance and international calls immediately after purchasing the card. However, an additional wait period may be required before you receive the personal identification number (PIN) activation that is required to begin using your card. This is usually the case only when dealing with "virtual" phone cards, which are phone cards purchased over the Internet, where you receive the access number and PIN through email or over the phone, and there is no actual physical card to use. This wait period in these cases is usually no longer than 48 hours.

While you can usually get long distance access from your home phone service provider, chances are good that any cheap long distance rates will be contingent upon certain limitations. For example, you might have to place calls after a certain time at night, or on weekends in order to take advantage of lower rates. Many prepaid calling cards feature cheap long distance rates regardless of when or from where the call is placed. Others feature low rates, but provide additionally cheap service to calls made to or from one preselected number, or during certain times. Prepaid calling cards also allow you to access your available long distance minutes from any phone with basic phone service, while a home-based long distance plan only enables you to place calls from your house.

Where To Find Cheap Long Distance Rates

Although cell phones can be used to place calls from many locations, like home-based long distance plans, they are usually subject to restrictions in order to provide access to the lowest rates. In addition, you may receive roaming charges and overages on your bill if you're not certain about all the details of your plan. Prepaid phone cards are an economical and useful alternative to traditional home and cell based plans, and might be the best long distance providers for your needs. Prepaid cards enable you to easily keep track of usage and have cheap long distance rates from any touch-tone phone. With a little research, you can find a prepaid calling card that will provide you with cheap long distance rates from anywhere you place a call.

Prepaid calling cards allow you to pay for cheap long distance rates before you actually use the time. This means that the cards are based on a debit system, rather than credit, preventing unpredictable monthly bills at the end of each billing cycle. This also means that you can gain access to long distance service without having to undergo a credit check. People with a bad credit history might find that they are denied long distance service by traditional providers. Prepaid cards allow you to pay for that service up front, eliminating any need for your credit history to enter into the equation.

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