Cheap Prepaid Calling Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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When you are looking for a bargain on phone rates, cheap prepaid calling cards may be your answer. Prepaid calling cards have a predetermined amount of telephone usage that you pay for in advance. These cards are available in affordable increments ($10 to $100) that can be selected according to your budget. They usually offer discounted rates for domestic and international use, making them a cost effective alternative to standard phone service. By researching the various types of calling cards that are available on the market, you should be able to find which cheap prepaid calling cards are right for you.

Before you buy a prepaid calling card, read the small print. Pay special attention to what the card's policies are on connection fees, activation fees and surcharges. Some cards may charge a fee for non-usage. Some companies add up to $3.00 to start each call. Many cards will have hidden fees, but if you take the time to know what they are it could save you time and money in the long run. The first thing you should determine is the size of the increments used by the card. For instance some prepaid cards may appear to be cheap, but the way your minutes are used when you are calling indicates that they are not. Do they round to the minute, every 30 seconds, or every two minutes? Sometimes calling cards that are prepaid may charge a higher rate for the first minute and then the next minute may be cheaper after that. Some cards will use minutes if a call goes though regardless if someone picks up on the other line or not. Find out what the calling card's policy is.

Expiration Dates

Know when your prepaid calling card expires. Be aware that the number of calendar days your card is good for are consecutive, not the number of days that you use the card. For instance if you purchase a card on January 1st and activate it on the same day and it is a 30 day card then the card will expire on January 30th regardless of how many days you have or have not used it. On the other hand if you purchase a card and never activate it will eventually expire regardless, usually one year from purchase. Once a cheap prepaid calling card has been activated its eventual expiration has been put into motion.

Knowing your calling patterns is going to help you choose the prepaid card that will be cheapest for you. Take the information you found out when researching your prepaid card and apply it so that your overall calling cost stays low. For instance if you only make a few calls that last a long time, then a prepaid calling card that charges a lower rate per minute, but may have a higher fee to start the call may be right for you. On the other hand if you plan on making lots of short calls, then a cheap prepaid card that has a lower activation fee with rates that are a bit higher may be more appropriate for your needs. You may decide that it will be easier for you to change your calling patterns in order to make the most of your prepaid calling card.

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