Discount Phone Services

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you want to save your family a lot of money, consider what contacting a few discount phone services might do. You may be surprised to note how much money you spend a month on regular and long distance bills. You might be even more surprised to see how many great discounted rates and services exist out there to choose from.

First of all, discount phone services are not out there to trick you into thinking that you have to spend a large monthly fee to pay for a low per-minute rate. On the contrary, many discount services are smart enough to purchase minutes at a lower rate themselves, and choose to pass the savings on to you. Some receive funding from other sources within their company, allowing them to reduce their rates and attract more loyal customers.

When Discount Phone Services Go Free

Of course, the lowest "discount" price is technically free. While most phone companies would balk at the idea of giving away free minutes, some have organized their internal structure just to do this for their customers. Through the use of the Internet, these restructured discount phone services have made it easier for the customer to make calls without any cost to them.

An exchange program is made through outside companies, be they online newspaper subscription sites, weight loss businesses or marketing research firms. Every click on one of these advertisements may lead to a minute added to your membership card, while every dollar spent at one of these sites can equal one to 20 minutes added. The online member gets to use these minutes to make any number of phone calls, while the online phone company gets advertising fees and commission percentages on every click and dollar spent.

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