Free Calling Card Minutes

Written by Sierra Rein
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With all the new communications technologies available to the average consumer, it is no wonder that free calling card minutes exist. Although most people are blinded to their existence, others have taken advantage of the fact and have made countless calls to friends, family members and business associates without any cost to them. Here is a little bit of information on how to collect these minutes for yourself.

First of all, "free" should mean, "free." When choosing a company that promotes free calling card minutes, make sure that they do not ask for any up front "membership" fees. They should also have no need to ask for a credit card number and should not have to charge any overtime minutes should the free ones run out.

Most calling card companies that offer free calling card minutes do so as part of an online exchange program. By agreeing to shop through affiliated websites, every dollar a member spends translates to a specific number of free minutes. In addition, minutes can be collected by filling out surveys, referring friends and family members and simply clicking on featured links to other sites.

What's in It for the Free Calling Card Minutes Company?

In the end, everyone participating in this kind of program wins. The online member buys products that they would have purchased anyway and in return gets to make local, long distance and even international calls for free. The company gets paid for advertising other companies on their website and typically gets a percentage of the online purchasing dollars spent.

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