Free International Calls

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you have friends and family members living abroad, you may be the perfect candidate to receive free international calls. You probably save your money to call them only on special events, such as birthdays, holidays or new baby announcements. Saving money on these occasions isn't difficult to do anymore.

There are several different ways to get access to free international calls. The easiest way is to become associated with a calling card company that rewards its members for participating in special Internet offers. For each website visited or product purchased from their online store, a free minute is added to the calling card.

How to Make Free International Calls

Once these unit-minutes are collected into his online balance, a member can begin to plan which international calls to make. He does so by checking an online rate chart provided by the calling card company. This chart will detail how many units will be spent per normal minute on a call to a foreign country.

Once this is done, he can call his personal calling card number and PIN combination, punch in his friend or family's international phone number, and begin talking for free. When all his free international calls are finished, he can sit back down and surf the Internet again to collect more minutes for the next call overseas. If you are interested in following this scenario yourself for free minutes on international calls, you may wish to contact a good online calling card company and ask to sign up as a member.

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