Free Pc To Phone Dialers

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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In the late '90s, when free PC-to-PC phone dialers were introduced, there was little cause for excitement. Although early PC-to-PC protocols enabled web surfers to speak to friends for free using a microphone headset and an Internet connection, they were ultimately too limited to be of any significant use. Several factors conspired to keep early Pc-to-PC calling from being anything more than a novelty.

First of all, the sound quality of early PC phone dialers was unreliable, if not downright poor. In addition, in order to maintain an Internet phone conversation, it used to be necessary for both parties to be synched up. This means that both you and the person you were dialing needed to be online at the same time, and you both needed to be running the same software. At the time, most home computers used a 56kbs dial-up Internet connection, and the digital packets containing voice data were likely to lag significantly when transmitted from one PC to another, resulting in distorted and stilted conversations.

The Evolution of Free PC To Phone Dialers

The shortcomings of early PC phone dialers prevented their widespread implementation. However, in recent years the technology has improved significantly, making it a viable alternative to traditional telephone service. Early PC phone dialers were limited by only being able to place a call to someone online, at their computer, and using the same software package. However, new digital technology is capable of routing your Internet call directly to a phone line. In fact, with the advent of PC phone adapters, you don't even have to place the call from your own computer anymore. PC phone adapters allow you to patch your existing phone line through your PC in order to transmit calls via your hi-speed Internet connection.

Free PC to phone adapters can now provide you with long distance and even international service for a small fee, or even for free. These devices route your telecommunication signal through the Internet. This allows you to access phone services without relying on a phone service provider. While some free PC to phone adapters can also be enabled at no charge, they are generally the more recent, and not yet fully tested versions. These services can provide decent communication outlets, but are occasionally marred by glitches, poor sound quality, and random disconnections. Fee-based Internet phone services seem to be of better quality and reliability, making their small registration fee well worth the cost. Even with a fee-based service, you're still able to make unlimited long distance and international calls without worrying about running up any additional debts. These services primarily charge a subscription fee to the phone service itself. All calls made using that service remain free.

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