Free Phone Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Everyone could use free phone cards if they had the chance to put their hands on them. They could be used for calling friends on their birthdays, or for those emergencies when a flat tire threatens to ruin a road trip. No matter what the cards are used for, they can always be handy for those special situations.

And for all the minutes to be free--well, that's simply icing on the cake! However, before accepting any seemingly perfect offers, make sure you go with a reputable company that has no strings attached to its offer of free phone cards. Watch out for extraordinary rates charged to your credit card once the minutes run out, or an expiration date set to the minutes within a few months.

How Good Companies Offer Free Phone Cards

The best sources for free telephone cards are through Internet sites through which members collect minutes based on their involvement in partnering websites. Minutes can be received just by visiting websites and by purchasing items through participating shopping sites. Every click or dollar invested in these Internet companies means more minutes in one's phone card membership.

Just referring friends who begin using the service can also rack up minutes on free phone cards. These minutes will never be cancelled as long as the membership continues, and long distance calls can be made without switching carriers. For a minimal monthly charge, some companies also offer VIP memberships that will double minute units with each transaction and allow access to exclusive offers.

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