Free Phone Minutes

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are a lot of things you could do with free phone minutes. Perhaps you have a daughter traveling in London and you want to make sure she has plenty of traveler's checks. Or, maybe you want to have a backup plan just in case your cell phone runs out of batteries and you have to make an emergency call.

Whatever the reason, knowing that you have free phone minutes on hand at any time can mean a weight off your shoulders. It can also mean lowered monthly phone bills and the freedom to get in touch with friends and loved ones at any time. If you are still interested in finding out how to collect these free minutes, you have options.

Free Phone Minutes From Your Fingertips!

Anyone can get telephone minutes easily and completely cost-free through the use of a participating online phone card company. This type of company chooses to reward those members who shop or provide click-traffic through associated shopping sites with free minutes. Some minutes are assigned to individuals who simply click on a link and view a website, while still more are given out for each dollar spent through an online purchase.

Because this process is normally completely free of charge, you should never have to give out your personal information besides a valid email address. Instead, all you need is to create a membership log in profile on the website and sign in any time you wish to add minutes to your balance. This membership ID will be directly associated with a PIN number; every time you use your free phone minutes to make a call, they will be deducted from your balance.

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i think giving ppl free

i think giving ppl free minutes for fone is great