Free Prepaid Calling Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are literally dozens of uses for free prepaid calling cards. They can be utilized in emergencies, for special birthday occasions, or for that unfortunate experience with an out of order cell phone. They can be given to family members and children while they are on the road or kept in one's back pocket as a sure way of staying connected with the world at no cost!

All you need to have to take advantage of these free prepaid calling cards is a toll free number (given at the time of login) and the personal identification number (PIN) that is associated with your calling card membership. Dial the toll free number, input the PIN and then punch in the number you are interested in calling. The minutes will be deducted from the card membership balance depending on the length of the phone call, state or international code of the call in question.

Most companies that specialize in free prepaid calling cards will provide rate charts. These charts will detail how many balance minutes will be used for each actual minute spent on the phone. For example, a company may offer a one to one minute ratio for local calls but an 18 to one ratio for calls to Jamaica.

A Warning Against Fraudulent Free Prepaid Calling Cards

Make sure you check out these charts before making a phone call; otherwise, you may deplete your free calling card prematurely. However, if you have signed up with a good company, you will never be duped into talking longer than your allotted minutes and paying outrageous phone rate fees for them. Instead, the calling card company should warn you when you are near a zero balance and ask you to create more minutes towards your membership before continuing the service.

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