Global Phone Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many reasons why global phone cards have consistently stayed on top of the communications market. They are simple to use, easy to carry and can certainly become appreciated in a pinch. Many business travelers use them as a backup to their cell phones while doing business abroad, while others use them exclusively as a way to connect back home or to the office.

Global phone cards are not just for the business jet setter. They can also be very handy to students traveling abroad, military personnel on their way to a new post, and family members who decide to go on a cruise or vacation. They make terrific gifts to friends who enjoy exotic places and can save hundreds of dollars a year when used instead of cell phones.

To purchase global phone cards, all one needs is a credit card (if buying online) or a few dollars at the local newsstand or post office. A personal PIN is assigned to each card so that the minutes can be deducted from that specific card every time a call is made. This PIN number is dialed after inputting a toll free or local number, which is determined by the nation the card is designed for.

Free Global Phone Cards

Sometimes, there are chances to make international calls for free! Many online phone calling card companies offer free minutes to registered members who take part in online programs. These programs do not require anything but a legitimate email address and can take literally five minutes or less to complete.

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