Instant Calling Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Instant calling cards are very useful to have on hand at any moment. They are easy to purchase, can be pre-paid if necessary, and can even be received for free in some cases. Even if you do not have an actual physical card in your hand, the toll free number and PIN information can be a literal lifesaving tool.

When traveling, it is always important to have a method of communicating to friends, loved ones, business associates and emergency institutions. However, many people make the mistakes of relying on their cell phones or neglecting to keep pay phone change in their wallet or car. Being stranded without a way to contact a tow truck or to get your friend to pick you up in an unfriendly neighborhood are not exciting situations to think about.

Instead, instant calling cards and their numbers can be carried around or memorized and used at a moment's notice. However, these cards can also be used to lower your monthly home phone bill as well. Some instant calling cards provide much lower rates than the typical corporate phone company, while others offer free minutes to use as one pleases.

How to Get Free Instant Calling Cards

While the prospect sounds too good to be true, the truth is that a few online calling card companies offer free minutes on their cards for taking part in online advertising traffic programs. Just clicking on their advertiser's banners, or purchasing discounted services and products through them can instantly add minutes to the calling card. These minutes can then be used for local or long distance calls to almost anywhere in the nation.

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