Low Cost Calling Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Compared to normal phone company rates, low cost calling cards can be incredibly useful to lower monthly phone bills and take control of your calling costs. They do not require you to switch your service to another long distance carrier, and are very easy to use. Many are prepaid, while others can be connected to a billing cycle that still results in lower monthly costs.

Most low cost calling cards work exactly like regular cards. A toll free or local number is first dialed, followed by a unique and personal identification number connected to the card. A moment is taken to register the member PIN, and then the line will allow the caller to dial the number they wish to contact.

Always Have a Way to Connect With Low Cost Calling Cards

Some cards are used once and then discarded, while others can be refilled at a moment's notice through a credit card or website. The ability to put more minutes back on the card is quite useful, especially if parents wish to always keep their children armed with a reliable way to call home. If the minutes get low on the card, they can always order more for the card in their child's backpack.

There are many different companies that offer low cost calling cards. Some specialize in long distance calling cards, while others provide ones that allow calls to any number of places, including overseas and foreign locations. The only difference is that each minute of real-time calling "costs" a specific unit rate on the calling card, depending on the area or nation code called.

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