Low Rate Phone Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Imagine how many more phone calls you can make this month just by finding a good source of low rate phone cards. Minutes certainly do add up, and in this hectic modern world, having a discounted way of connecting to friends and family members can certainly be a welcome relief from high monthly phone costs. With just a few adjustments, low rate phone cards can lead to better financial planning and a little extra cash in the pocket.

We often fail as consumers to recognize the fact that cost cutting starts with a good analysis of our current bills and our spending habits. With just a small adjustment, even large phone bills can be reduced. From cell phone costs to long distance business calling, anyone can "trim the fat" and save more money on their monthly costs.

Low rate phone cards are especially effective if you have teenagers or young adults who need a way to call home in a emergency or a simple "Mom, pick me up" situation. They can be carried in the back pocket and used at any moment. What's even better is that more minutes can usually be added to the card in a variety of different ways, at any time, even from one's computer.

Find How Much You Can Save With Low Rate Phone Cards

As an experiment, write down how often you make calls to family and friends long distance, through pay phones, or collect throughout a given week or month. Match the costs of these to the rates available in low rate phone cards, and you may be able to see how much money you could save even in that one month. Give these phone cards to family members to make sure that no "extraneous" calls are made at extreme cost to you.

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