Overseas Calling Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Cheap overseas calling cards are great ways to protect yourself against extraordinarily high long distance international phone costs. Even if you call your relatives in Europe only on the holidays, a lot of extra cash can be set aside for better things. And after all, phone calls that start out to be just for a few minutes can quickly turn into costly hours.

These calling cards can be brought overseas to call home while you are on vacation or a business trip. They are also great as gifts to children traveling on exchange programs or before moving to a distant new home. No matter what their use, having one handy is always a benefit, especially when it comes to the high rates currently found in international calls today.

Ways to Buy or Collect Overseas Calling Cards

You can purchase an international calling card from a regular phone company or a third-party phone service. For many companies, prepayment is required through a credit card or other financial institution. However, there are also ways to earn free overseas calling cards and minutes with a minimum of effort.

Some online businesses offer overseas calling cards at extremely competitive rates as part of a reward for registered members. Once these minutes are collected, they can be utilized from any phone using a toll-free access number and PIN. Just make sure to know how many unit minutes are taken up by one minute of voice time for the particular country you are calling.

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