Phone Calls

Written by Sierra Rein
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In today's world, phone calls are the most efficient way for people to get in touch with one another. They connect people in St. Louis, Missouri, with relatives in London, England. Telephone calls also allow business deals to be made and world governments to discuss international affairs.

Of course, throughout the years the struggle to make phone calls affordable for everyone has been long and tedious. Competing phone companies have offered numerous "low rates," but never to the extent of making them totally free. Luckily, recent website technologies have allowed some businesses to create free phone calling cards for logged in members.

Most of the time, these phone calls can be made from any nation to any other nation in the world. The minutes will not expire, as long as the phone card company never goes out of business. And, unless a specific pay phone does not accept calling cards as payment, they can also be made from any phone.

How Phone Calls Are Rated

When calling other countries, care must be taken to remember how many units of time are taken up by one of these call minutes. Sometimes, an international phone call to another nation can cost two or three free unit minutes per actual minute. Also, calling from a specific country may "cost" more free minutes than calling from one's native location.

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