Prepaid Cell Phone Calling Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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As more and more people are turning to cell phones for the majority of their calls, prepaid cell phone calling cards are becoming more popular every month. In general, cell phone calling cards are tied to a specific type of phone, but they can come with a lot of attractive features that enhance the value of both phone and card.

When you purchase a cellular phone set designed for prepaid use, you may find that it also comes with a prepaid phone card plan that allows you to stop into a convenience store or discount outlet to buy a card with prepaid minutes. For those whose credit is less than perfect, a prepaid cell phone card can be a great way to obtain the benefits of carrying a cell phone.

One cell phone card vendor offers attractively priced start-up packages as well as low priced cards when additional minutes are needed. They even offer double minutes on recharge cards. In order to enjoy the full advantage of using prepaid cell cards, it's important to shop around for the kinds of deals you can find in just a few minutes.

Attractive Features

In addition to cost and convenience, some of these cards are definitely better than others. You can find cards that offer minutes for up to one year. These are great for people who use their cell phones rarely or for emergencies only. While these cards can only be used with handsets manufactured by specific companies, they still offer some great features at affordable prices. Features such as no activation fees, no contracts, no credit checks, and double minutes all year when you recharge your phone card can make prepaid cell phone calling cards an inexpensive alternative to monthly billing.

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