Prepaid Phone Calling Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Prepaid phone calling cards are not all alike. If you are thinking about looking into the savings and convenience of using a prepaid card, you can find dozens of options online. In order to get the best deal, you will have to know something about how they work and which features are most important.

How Prepaid Phone Calling Cards Can Save You Money

Very few long distance plans that you can get through your phone company come with the very low rates of some prepaid cards, but cost per minute is not the only issue to consider when you're shopping online. There are plans that come with both a connection fee and a weekly maintenance fee. No matter how low the per minute charge is, these fees add up and can make the total cost of a card unacceptable, so look for a card that has no hidden fees.

A major cost factor with any long distance plan is how the calls are rounded up. Some plans, for example, literally round up one minute even if you only spoke for three seconds. You can, however, with a little searching, find a plan that rounds up to the next second, clearly saving you both minutes and dollars.

If you plan to use your card for both domestic and international calls, you should also look for competitive rates to each country you will be calling. The best prepaid phone calling cards do not require you to use a PIN for each call. Recharging is fast and convenient, usually by phone or computer. Viewing two or three sites and comparing rates and features will allow you to select the card that best meets your needs and lifestyle.

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