Prepaid Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Prepaid phone cards are an excellent way to control your communications spending. They are a high-tech tool that allows you to gain long-distance access even when you can't afford a telephone. In addition, they can actually save you money over long-distance calling plans.

Why Use Prepaid Phone Cards?

If you have a relative for whom you are responsible and who might be prone to spend more than he or she should on phone calls (such as teenagers), prepaid phone cards mean the end of surprise phone bills. Unlike cell phones that may not work in certain areas, prepaid phone cards work from any touch-tone phone in the United States, and most work around the world.

There are a lot of vendors selling prepaid phone cards on the Internet. This gives you the option of looking around for the best deal. In many cases, a prepaid card will cost much less for long distance than you would pay calling from your home or office.

Rechargeable Phone Cards

Many phone card vendors offer you the option of recharging your phone card. Often you can do this by phone, following an options menu set up by the card vendor. You don't even have to remember a second number because you can usually dial your card's number to access the menu.

Your card company will then offer you several numbers of minutes to buy and let you know how much each level will cost. You simply choose the number of minutes you want to buy and pay by debit or credit card by phone. Your minutes are applied to your card almost before you hang up your telephone.

Convenient Prepaid Phone Cards

You can carry your card with you, or you can memorize the number and just dial whenever you need to. In fact, if you choose, you can give the number to another family member and he or she can use it as well. Just keep track of how many minutes are left, so neither of you get caught without a way to make calls.

If you have an elderly relative who cannot afford long distance calls, you can often get prepaid cards that cost under four cents per minute. Your relative can make calls without worrying about the bill, and you can call in and recharge the card periodically so he or she never needs to ask. Your mother or grandfather's dignity will be protected, and you'll know you helped.

Find the Best Prepaid Phone Cards Online

With all of the phone card choices you have online, it might seem a little daunting when you're trying to find the best deal. Actually, it's not that hard. All you have to do is compare the basic per minute rate, determine whether the card is rechargeable, and, if there are fees for using pay phones, find out what exactly those fees are and how the amount will be deducted from your minutes.

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