Promotional Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Promotional phone cards have taken a unique place in the advertising world in recent years. The number of uses for them is endless, but the main reason for investing in promotional phone cards is to get your information out to potential customers in a way that is positive and productive. Using phone cards as giveaways at trade shows, for example, can get you the callbacks you want.

Where to Get Promotional Phone Cards

There are several quality online resources for promotional cards. The price is fairly low in comparison to other advertising options, and the cards offer recipients something they can really use. Depending on your business or non-profit needs, you can find great deals on phone cards that come with a wide range of minute choices as well as design options.

Runs can range from around 2,000 up to millions. Pricing depends on the number of cards you want to buy, the size and style of the card, whether you provide appropriate artwork, how many minutes you want to offer on each card, and whether you want any custom design work done. Your cards can include the number of minutes available on the card, your contact information, and your message.

Logo note pads are quickly used up. Everyone has a million pens. Refrigerators all over the country are hidden behind magnetic promos. Phone cards, however, can be carried in a wallet or purse and are there for emergencies. Even people who carry cell phones occasionally need to make a call another way, especially if they are in a dead zone. Giving out usable phone cards is a unique way to keep your name in front of your customers.

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