Reliable Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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When most people look for phone cards, they expect quality service and reliability. Unfortunately, all phone cards are not created equal. It's important to look for phone cards that come with both great rates and reliability, and that depends almost entirely on which phone network is being used by the card vendor.

Top Carriers

You already know about call quality and reliability when it comes to carriers, and it's especially important to have a top carrier when you are making long distance calls, including international calls. When you're looking at phone card options, be sure to find out which carriers the vendor uses. If you recognize the names, you have a better chance of having all of your calls get through.

Another issue that you don't face with reliable phone cards is hidden or extra fees. Look for cards that have no connection fees and no weekly or monthly fees associated with their use. While the lowest rates may look attractive up front, fees will obviously make your call minutes more expensive.

If you only want a card to use while you are on vacation, you can select a card with the lowest rate. These cards are usually not rechargeable and can be a good choice for short-term use. If you plan to make calls to or from a variety of foreign countries, going online where you can see the rates to each country is a great idea. Some cards offer both local and long-distance calling, and you should find out what the added cost is for long distance. The right card for you is the one that provides you with the services and reliability you need at the lowest possible price.

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