Romania Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Romania is a country whose history spans millennia and whose culture has survived in spite of major challenges to its continuation. The home of Dracula and Nadia Comaneci, castles, monasteries, folk art, and the Carpathian Mountains, Romania is situated in southeastern Europe. Romanian is a romance language that is spoken by its 22,000,000 inhabitants (with ethnic minorities of Hungarians, Germans, and gypsies). Today Romania has returned to the democratic mode of government.

Romanian Phone Cards Online

For those who have family in Romania or conduct business there, the need for a convenient and inexpensive way to stay in touch is paramount. Fortunately there are Romanian phone cards available online that offer some great rates, especially to Bucharest. As always, when trying to minimize communications costs, the per minute fee for calls is a significant factor.

In addition, however, when you are considering any prepaid phone card, you should pay close attention to other fees as well. In some cases, the cards that come with the lowest per minute charges also come with a connection fee for each call and, sometimes, even a weekly fee, all of which make your actual cost per minute much higher than you might think.

Obviously, if you can avoid a $2.00 connection fee for each call, you will save money. Another issue is how the card rounds up. Some cards come with a round up plan of well over a single minute. These cards will be used up faster than you are expecting because of the minutes you lost due to the plan. You can, however, with a little bit of savvy searching, find a Romanian phone card that will keep you in touch without costing you an arm and a leg in the process.

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