Russia Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Whenever you're considering buying a prepaid phone card in order to make calls to a foreign country, there are several factors you should address carefully before making your selection. International calls are the most expensive calls most people ever make, and saving a few cents per minute can really add up. In addition, the less you are paying per call, the more time you will have to speak to loved ones or to discuss important business issues.

Calling Russia

When you use phone cards to call Russia, you will find that, as with other countries, calls to major cities in Russia are usually less expensive than calls to remote areas. The least expensive regions in Russia are Moscow and St. Petersburg, where you can get rates as low as $.03 per minute which amounts to approximately 300 minutes for $10.00.

You should also be aware of other charges related to using prepaid phone cards as well as cards for other countries. For example, if you use a pay phone for your call, there is usually a fee of around $.99 per call. Rounding is always an issue, whether you are using a cell phone or a prepaid card. If you can, purchase a card that rounds up to one second only, since this will be the least expensive.

Some prepaid card companies charge outrageous connection fees of up to $2.00 per call. Try to find a vendor that has no call connection fee. You should also avoid cards that require a weekly or monthly maintenance fee. You can find rechargeable cards that allow you to add more minutes to your card online or by phone. Generally, rechargeable cards do not come with an expiration date, but you should always check. If you have not used all of your phone card minutes before any expiration date, you will lose those minutes.

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