Saudi Arabia Calling Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Saudi Arabia is a country that is fast coming into the twenty-first century while holding on to ancient traditions and mores. Saudi Arabia historically walks a narrow line between the pulls of the East and West while taking advantage of its vast oil deposits to modernize its infrastructures wherever possible. Today, thousands of foreign workers make Saudi Arabia their homes for extended periods of time while they provide support services to the nation.

Calling Saudi Arabia

Many of those workers could not be in contact with their families if it were not for the availability of calling cards. With prepaid calling cards, staying close to home when you're on the other side of the world is easy. Today you can go online to find the best deals on calling cards.

You should be aware of what makes any prepaid calling card great. It's a good idea to compare per minute rates and all other charges and fees before you decide which card is the right one for you. Most websites offer lists of all the cards they offer, and you can generally compare their group of rates and other charges; however, you should check out several sites since rates can vary significantly.

Try to find a card that has no per call connection fee. These fees can range up to several dollars and will have a huge impact on your actual per minute costs when added to the bottom line. Another issue is how your card rounds up. Rounding up is a term applied to how each call is charged. If you have a card that rounds up three minutes, it means that if you talk 1.5 minutes, you will actually be charged for four minutes. Clearly, the smaller the round up increment, the more time you will have on your card so you should look for a card with a round up of no more than one minute.

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