Sri Lanka Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Located in Soutern Asia, Sri Lanka is an ancient country dating from the 6th century BC. Its population of nearly 20 million is primarily Buddist, and its area is slightly larger than Virginia. Sinhala is the official language of the country, which is moving into the new millennium while becoming a food processing, textile, and apparel center in the area.

In the last few years, phone cards have become a major component of telecommunications. Major carriers got into the act early and began to sell airtime by the minute to those who could not qualify for a home or cell phone and for those who had specific calling needs. Today, you can buy prepaid phone cards with worldwide access or with access to a specific country or region.

Sri Lanka phone cards, paid up front, bypass any credit check and totally avoid unexpectedly large phone bills. The caller always knows exactly what he or she will be spending to call Sri Lanka. In addition, prepaid phone cards are easy to purchase online and very convenient to use. The main issues to consider when looking for the right card for your needs are the per-minute rates, connection fees, maintenance fees, and the minute rounding number.

Buying Sri Lanka Phone Cards Online

When you purchase anything online, you must have either a credit or debit card with which to pay. All of the additional fees noted above add to the cost of each call, so you should look for cards that have no connection fees and, even more important, cards that have minute rounding of under one minute. Most cards charge a flat fee for using a pay phone or for calling a cell phone.

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