Sweden Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Often called the Land of the Midnight Sun or the Land of the Vikings, Sweden is a northern European country of nine million inhabitants. A member of the European Union, Sweden is a monarchy ruled by King Carl XVI Gustaf who ascended to the throne in 1973. Only Sweden, Norway, and part of Finland are on the Scandinavian peninsula.

Find the Best Phone Cards for Calling Sweden

Prepaid phone cards are one of the best ways to stay in touch with family or friends in Sweden or to maintain control of your communications spending if you own or manage a business. With a prepaid card, you will always know how many minutes you have left and will be able to plan your calling appropriately. The best phone cards are available online, and finding the right one couldn't be easier.

Simply visit three or more phone card vendor websites and compare the per-minute rates and other fees associated with each card. You will quickly get to know that some cards charge a per-call connection fee while others round up each call in increments of up to three minutes. A side-by-side comparison of costs and customer service options is a great way to determine which card is ultimately the best value.

The best phone cards are those that are rechargeable. In many cases, these cards have a higher per-minute rate, but they usually do not come with additional charges for maintenance or call connections. Some even offer PIN-free dialing when you register one or more phones with the card company and call from those phones. Look for vendors who work with major telecommunications carriers for the best call quality.

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