Talk Over The Internet

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Within the last few years, a new use for the Internet has emerged. It started with the realization that both telephone and cable providers had wiring going into millions of homes. Why not combine telephone service with DSL and High Speed Data Internet services already in place? Why not talk over the Internet using emerging technology?


Voice over Internet Protocol is the general term for the process that allows voices to travel over the Internet. The requirements for adding this service to your computer are minimal. Most providers offer free downloads of the necessary software. You would be required to obtain either a headset or a microphone and speakers in order to use the protocol on your system.

In addition, the technology has minimum system requirements. Windows XP or 2000 are recommended. Once you have the system support in place, you can find a PC to Phone service online and establish an account. You will be able to find call rates as low as $.03 per minute to anywhere in the world.

Staying in touch with family and friends at these incredibly low rates or discussing options with business partners anywhere in the world make this a great option for millions of people. In addition to the low rates, access to account information in real time is usually included. Some providers require payment up front with a system that is much like using a prepaid phone card.

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