Toll Free Calling

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you do not qualify for a home phone and don't have enough cash on hand to get started with a cell phone plan, you are probably a good candidate for a prepaid toll free calling card. Money is always an issue when it comes to communications. It seems that we spend a lot more of our income talking to our family and friends or for business purposes these days.

Even if you can afford a cell phone, it's sometimes inconvenient to use your phone, especially when you're over your allotted minutes. What about those times when your cell phone isn't charged or when you simply forget it at home? At those times, you would be happy to have an alternative method of making that important call.

Carrying a toll free prepaid calling card can be a real lifesaver. With a toll free card, you can call virtually anywhere in the world at a reasonable price. The trick is to know exactly how to maximize your use of such a card. Which type of card you keep handy depends on how you might need to use it.

Business or Personal Uses

Toll free calling cards can be great for teenagers who might need to call home after the big football game. In that case, you would buy a low denomination card and would not activate it until it is needed. If you need to call New Zealand for business occasionally, you might want to get a rechargeable card that has no expiration date on the minutes. That way, you can use the same card and the same PIN and can even add minutes by calling from a pay phone.

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