Toll Free Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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For many users, the main reason they purchase prepaid calling cards is the toll free services option. With land line calling plans still running higher than other alternatives when it comes to long distance and international calling, low priced prepaid phone cards are a great choice. Many of these cards come with worldwide calling options.

Wherever you want to call, you start with a local toll-free number. Once you are connected to that number, the rates for calls to different countries will vary. You will usually find the rates to the country you want by going to the website where you purchased the card. Like other prepaid cards, toll free services cards come in increments of $5, $10, and $20 or more.

Also, like other prepaid cards, toll free cards can come with additional charges, such as a connection fee or a maintenance fee. If you want the absolute lowest rates, you can go with one of those cards because they are good for short term calling. They generally come with an expiration date before which you must use all the minutes you purchased or lose the ones that are remaining.

Long Term Toll Free Cards

Rechargeable toll free cards have slightly higher per minute rates, but they often come with no hidden charges, and you can add minutes any time you choose. If a rechargeable card is described as "clean," it usually refers to either great call quality or no fees. Almost all cards require a fee for calling from a pay phone or to a cell phone, so be sure to check all the rates associated with the toll free cards you are considering.

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