Trade Show Give Aways

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Prepaid phone cards are becoming one of the most popular trade show give aways. As an advertising investment, they are relatively inexpensive. When you hand out prepaid phone cards with your logo and information on the face, you are providing clients and potential clients with a valuable service, one that they will be very likely to remember.

Find Trade Show Give Aways Online

Who wouldn't want a prepaid phone card to use at any time? Whether it's for 30 minutes or 100, it's something almost everyone can use. One great place to find promotional phone cards is at Internet websites that sell prepaid phone cards online. While prices can vary significantly, there are some factors you should consider before you select a vendor.

The wholesale rate they charge you should compare very favorably to the face value of the card. It is also important to know the carrier the vendor uses, since call quality may be an issue for your customers. You will also want to look at rates. If you are a small business owner wanting to get your name out there, look for a vendor whose smallest run is not significantly more expensive per card than his larger runs. Some vendors actually sell these cards in runs of 2,000 up to millions.

Trade show give aways should be as clean as possible. That means that there should be no per call connection fees or maintenance charges associated with the cards. These fees will reduce the number of minutes the recipient will be able to use. Almost all cards require a payment for calling from a pay phone or to a cell phone, and you should make that clear when you give away the cards.

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