Turkey Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Sometimes it's difficult to make a connection to exotic countries or those countries where the phone system infrastructures are still fairly primitive. With the cost of calling internationally from your home or business phone still running higher than other options, it makes great sense to look into prepaid calling cards.

Calling Turkey

Most calling cards designed for international use are divided into rates that are in effect when calling regions with major populations versus calling areas with far fewer inhabitants. Calls made with Turkey phone cards to the greater Istanbul area, for example, cost up to $.08 per minute less than calls to other regions in the country. In both locations, calls to cell phones will tend to be significantly higher.

It's a virtual given that all phone cards will automatically deduct approximately $.99 for card calls made from any pay phone. Other fees, however, are not a given, and what you end up paying per minute to Turkey can be affected by the card you select. Some of the fees to avoid include per call connection fees and maintenance fees. Paying attention to the minute rounding up number is also very important. Look for cards with rounding up lower than one minute. One second rounding up cards are out there.

When you're looking for the best Turkey phone cards online, one call element you should definitely consider is call quality. The best way to find out how good the call quality will be on any card is to check out customer reviews at neutral sites. Another way is to talk to a live customer service representative at the website and ask what carriers they use. Tier one carriers usually offer the best call quality.

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