Vietnam Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Shopping for prepaid cards on the Internet is the fastest way to find the one that's right for you. That depends on where you plan to call and how long you expect to need the card you select. Using prepaid Vietnam phone cards is a great way to totally avoid cell phone bill shock!

Okay, so you want a prepaid phone card that allows you to call anywhere from any phone at any time. Most prepaid phone cards will connect you to anywhere in the United States and any country you choose to call. Rates will depend on the country you're calling, such as Vietnam, and on your calling habits. Some things to look for include the per minute rate, any additional fees such as weekly maintenance or connection fees, and the number of days your minutes will be available after the card is activated.

If you want a Vietnam phone card to talk to relatives and friends who live there, you will probably want a card with a slightly higher per minute rate and no ancillary charges. On the other hand, if you know someone who will be travelling to Vietnam for a week or two, you may want to purchase a card for them that has a significantly lower per minute rate and a limited number of minutes. Hopefully, all the minutes will be used up during the person's trip and no additional fees will be required.

Cheap Vietnam Phone Cards

Phone card prices can vary dramatically. It's important to compare all the rates and features of each card you're considering, and, fortunately, that's easy to do when you search on the Internet. Just check out a site, jot down a few notes, and then move on to the next site and do the same thing. All extra charges will reduce the number of minutes you will be able to enjoy on your card. Remember to consider the number of minutes you will need, whether each card is rechargeable, and any additional charges.

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