Wholesale Calling Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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People buy wholesale calling cards for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they sell them in convenience stores. Other buyers use them for trade show giveaways, employee recognition, and customer perks. Prepaid calling cards are a great giveaway, especially when they come with your logo on the face and enough minutes for recipients to enjoy for at least a month.

Find Wholesale Calling Cards Online

Dozens of online websites offer discounts on wholesale calling cards. There is usually a minimum purchase amount. Some companies sell them for an order as small as $500 while others can manufacture cards with your logo and information on them in orders of over a million cards.

As with most wholesale goods, the more you buy, the bigger the discount. You can purchase wholesale cards that are rechargeable or ones that are designed for limited use. With discounts of up to 28-30 percent, you can afford to introduce potential customers to your products in a high-tech, sophisticated way.

All prepaid phone cards come with an access PIN. Cards can be used from any phone, but you should know that most cards come with a fee of around $.99 for use with pay phones, and there are usually additional charges for calls to cell phones. If a user makes these types of calls, the charges reduce the number of minutes available. You can choose either cards that will be sent by email or physical cards, usually shipped to you within days of your order. Remember to compare prices and benefits at several sites before you buy.

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