Wholesale Phone Cards

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Buying wholesale phone cards is the most obvious way to secure huge savings on your international phone calls. You can also use discount phone cards for domestic calling, though the savings are likely to be less significant. Many prospective card buyers wonder how certain carriers can afford to offer such low rates. Rest assured there's nothing illicit about wholesale phone cards. They're just available now to many callers for the first time.

As with any wholesale product, phone cards offer tremendous savings because they're sold directly to you, the customer. That means no middlemen or retailers driving up prices. The low rates that your carrier locks in are passed straight to you. At the same time, the phone company turns just enough of a profit to stay in business. Needless to say, it's a model that terrifies the big phone companies, who can't possibly compete.

Use Your Wholesale Phone Cards To Call Anywhere

Once you've bought your wholesale cards you can use them without restriction. Call your parents, friends, and loved ones, be they overseas or simply in a neighboring state. All you need is your local access code, which connects you to a central router set up by your phone company. You'll then be asked for your PIN in order to verify your identity. It's as easy as that.

With the rise of e-mail and the deregulation of the telecommunications industry, prices have dropped across the board. There's just no reason to pay 10 cents a minute domestically when you all China for a lower rate, guaranteed. Before you sign on for any company's service, be sure to get a directory of international fares, then find out whether they're subject to change once you've signed your agreement or made your initial deposit.

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