Wholesale Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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More and more business owners are recognizing the profits that can be made from selling prepaid wholesale phone cards at their convenience stores, gas stations, and discount outlets. Wholesale phone cards are easy to buy, easy to activate, and come with such a wide variety of options that there is one to suit everyone's needs. The best news is that there are dozens of prepaid card companies selling cards in batches for as little as $500.

Finding Reliable Wholesale Phone Cards

Major phone card companies offer an impressive range of options. You can make a small initial purchase to get started, but you will want to be sure to buy cards that will work while making you a profit. Some of the things you will have to consider are whether you want to sell cards for domestic or international use, whether you should opt for one-time use cards or rechargeable cards, and whether you will want your cards to bear your logo.

You can find cards for promotional use as well. Many businesses are now using prepaid phone cards as giveaways at trade shows, using the inexpensive cards as a way to keep their business name in front of their best prospects. Promotional cards can be purchased from the same wholesalers who sell cards for resale in your store.

Before you buy, you would be wise to check out several websites. Prices for the same quality of cards can vary, and so can prices for the same card depending on quantity. Remember customer convenience. Vendors can sell cards that come in an email format or physical cards that can be shipped to you overnight. Along with the cards will come instructions for you and the end user.

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