World Traveler Phone Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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In the calling card world, there are differences in what you can do and where you can go. For example, you can purchase cards that will work only from a US phone to another phone in the US. You can, however, get cards that will allow you to call from the US to anywhere in the world. You can also buy cards that will allow you to call from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world.

In order to get the best possible calling card deal along with the highest call quality and customer service when you need it, you should check out several internet sites that offer a range of products. All calling cards come with features and benefits as well as restrictions that you need to know about in advance. For example, if you travel outside the US on a regular basis and need to make frequent calls, you will probably want to consider a rechargeable world use card.

If, however, you are taking your dream vacation to Russia or Greece, you can purchase world traveler phone cards that come with a proscribed number of minutes available so that you will be able to use them up during your vacation. Cards that are not rechargeable usually come with a much lower per minute rate, but they also carry additional fees such as call connection fees and weekly or monthly maintenance fees. For vacation purposes, one of these cards can actually save you money in the short run. Note that the additional charges reduce the number of minutes on your card, so be sure to get enough minutes up front. You can avoid some of the charges by using up your card quickly.

Rechargeable World Traveler Phone Cards

As noted above, you can buy cards that can be used to call from almost every country in the world. You must be aware, however, that the rates from each country will vary. They may, in fact, vary from metropolitan areas to rural areas. While the per minute charges are higher, these cards usually come with no call connection fee and no service charges. You can usually add more minutes from any phone or online.

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