Worldwide Calling Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Worldwide calling cards are indispensable tools for anyone who wishes to connect to anyone else on Earth. Most of these global calling cards are easy to get and very simple to use. Even a traveling child on a foreign exchange school trip can carry one with her and use it to call home at any moment.

Most worldwide calling cards utilize a minute as a basis of charging or deducting units from the card itself. For some companies, each real-time minute called can equal one to five card units. Higher rates will result in six to up to 20 units to be removed from the card.

Thus, it is very important to get a chart on how many unit minutes are taken off for every real-time minute utilized. Another important point is to check out whether these rate charts change, depending on the national origin of the call and the destination to which the call is being made. Finally, some worldwide calling cards function at lower rates during the night than at day, and during the weekend rather than through the weekdays.

Getting Free Worldwide Calling Cards Online!

For those who use the computer a lot: you're in luck! There are many advantageous chances to collect free minutes on a worldwide calling card, just for using your online connection to make purchases and visit websites. By signing on to one of these online calling card companies, you can make international calls for free and always have the opportunity to reduce your regular phone bill in the process.

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