Worldwide Calling Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you're thinking about buying a calling card that you can use anywhere in the world to call anywhere in the world, some savvy shopping can save you a lot of money as well as provide you with a card that offers convenience and a high level of call quality. In addition to rates to each country, you should look at per minute charges and additional charges that can have a serious impact on the number of minutes you will actually get for your money.

Finding a worldwide calling card company that uses Tier One carriers can make a huge difference in your total phone card experience. With these companies, you get the best quality of calls, and, for business purposes, that can be an essential factor. Another important issue is the convenience with which you can add minutes to a rechargeable card or access per minute rates to the countries you want to call.

Most calling card companies allow you to add minutes from any telephone or online using a credit card. Most companies will also provide you with access to your minutes remaining whenever you make a call. Keeping track of your available minutes is essential because you don't want to get cut off in the middle of a call.

Features and Benefits

Just about every calling card company will charge an access fee whenever you make a call from a pay phone. The standard charge for this is $.99, but you should ask before you buy. In addition, many companies charge a similar fee for using a cell phone. If your primary method of calling in a foreign country will be by cell phone, look for a company that has no fee.

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