300d Canon Rebel

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The 300D Canon Rebel is acclaimed for its precision metering, excellent exposure, and all-around first-rate images. At under 1,000 GBP, the Canon Rebel digital camera is also considered a bargain. It's the first high-end digital SLR to break that price barrier, making it a popular choice with everyday hobbyists as well as professionals.

The 300D Canon Rebel is loaded with precision optics and a patented sensor that gives your digital images the look and feel of standard film images. Add to that a quality printer, and it's virtually impossible to tell the difference between the two media. Of course, with the digital prints, you have the luxury of processing your shots on your own, which means you'll never have to pay a developer again.

The 300D Canon Rebel Stands Up to the Canon 10D Digital Camera

Many pros gravitate toward the 10D over the 300D, simply because it offers several premium features that the 10D omits. This is understandable if you derive your income from professional photography. But if you're an average person looking for outstanding digital prints, or even an avid hobbyist, the 300D is more than adequate for 99% of your needs.

The 10D gives users a host of custom settings, a metal camera body, a rear control dial, a PC flash socket, and a higher ISO range than its counterpart. But the 10D can also run well over 1,400 GBP. For under 1,000 GBP the 300D boasts the same basic features at a significantly lower cost. It simply depends on how serious you are about your hobby or profession.

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