Aiptek Dv 3100

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The trend in electronics is to make things smaller and more versatile. The goal is to shrink gadgets down to pocket size and combine multiple capabilities into a single device. There are many of these devices out there combining mp3, digital camera, and camcorder ability into a single, small case. Aiptek's DV3100 is one of these devices.

The only potential shortcoming of all these devices is that they sacrifice quality and functionality for versatility. Just because you can get four different functions into a single hand held device, doesn't mean you should. The reason you shouldn't is that while it can function as several different pieces of equipment, none of its individual functions work especially well. However, if versatility is your main criteria, then this is the gadget for you.

This is the case with the DV3100. It does work as a digital camera, video recorder, audio recorder, and webcam, but none of its individual functions are exceptional. Each function works well, but is not intended for high quality use by advanced users. As a digital camera, it takes okay pictures. As a camcorder, it does alright. As a webcam, it's middle of the road. As a sound recorder, it is satisfactory. What it is above all else is versatile.

What's Good About the Aiptek DV3100

For general use and enjoyment it is a very fun toy to have. If you don't need top notch digital stills or long videos, the DV3100 will work just fine. It is not too expensive, so it will make a fun gift for children or young adults. Just about anyone can enjoy the versatility of the DV3100.

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